Claireport saves you money.

Can Claireport Place do a better job and save you time, money and stress too?Compare Claireport Place to standard venues.


In Toronto, there are few places as wonderful as Claireport Place Banquet Hall. The proprietors, Jey and Sassi are amazing and see to every detail. Sasi is the quiet strong one who sees to the kitchen quality to make sure your meal is perfect. Jey is the showman. This is a man who should have been in Hollywood. He loves all the lighting, music and pageantry of stage and treats your wedding with all that passion. We love shooting there as he makes the whole affair fun and romantic. First of all there is the exterior of the hall where they recently spent over one million dollars to provide you with a fantastic place to do all your garden shots. The actual hall itself has beautiful roman style columns built right into the design too so that you have a garden and the architecture as well. This area is big enough for the whole family. Then there is the lobby where he has a grand piano and fireplace all designed to make your portraits look their best. With all the scenery we love shooting there because of it’s beauty and variety.

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Did I say that Jey was a showman? Well let me explain further. On top of the excellent outdoor scenery and lobby, Jey loves the lighting and music of the wedding. His ceiling is filled with every type of effect you can think of and that not only makes your wedding more fun and romantic but it is much less expensive than having to rent all that equipment and have it brought in and put on ugly poles. At Claireport, all that equipment is built into the ceiling where you never see it and where it can work it’s magic without all the wires and poles of a hired DJ who would also charge you another $1000 for it all. He has smoke that descends at just the right time, fireworks, paper poppers and of course the Smart Lights that rotate casting special patterns throughout the room. Even the sound system is built right in so again no need for unsightly wires, poles and speaker. Even the house DJ has an area upstairs and out of sight. If that is not enough then understand that Jey has also got his license to marry you. He can actually perform the ceremony. This again allows for a better experience because if you chose to, you can do everything right in Claireport Place and again save more money and reduce your stress.


These are true wedding professionals so that you also can trust the timing of the wedding and comfort of your guests to them. This is like getting a free wedding organizer too. These people professionally and efficiently know weddings. Your stress level will be reduced and you can sit back and enjoy the day and evening. Claireport Place Banquet Hall is as close to one phone call service as you can expect. If you use their trusted referral list you can relax with the best in the business.


Overall a great experience at Claireport Place,Toronto with less driving, less phone calls, more beautiful scenery, less stress, great food and service and Jey there to treat you like royalty.

Do yourself a favour and make your call to Claireport Place, Toronto and then complete the perfect day with a call to us at

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Bob and Brenda Vienneau

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Bob and Brenda Vienneau are experienced professional wedding photographer based in the Toronto Gta Ontario, Canada. They are the principals of Photographic wedding photography and video studio which services the Toronto GTA and are thrilled to be recommended by Claireport Place.