Sajeeka and Bruno’s Wedding

It all starts with the Engagement Shoot

With not to much time left to  plan the perfect engagement and the weather cold and dark we decided to take it indoors to see what we could do.

Brenda and I loved the clothing. They ended up blending well for the  theme of the shoot. I think many of these are pics are fantastic and I hope they agree.


Now it’s time for the Bride’s Shower

Then a beautiful day for the Traditional  Ceremony

The importance of having top-quality wedding photography is something that should not be overlooked by those planning their wedding. With all the costs involved with a wedding, it’s important to remember that your wedding photographs and wedding album will outlast everything else, and give the strongest value and enjoyment for years to come. We’d like to simply remind couples of this as they plan their wedding, and hope that they realize that their wedding photography should be a top priority, rather than learn this mistake after it’s too late. Always remember – you get what you pay for… there is no going back!

Click on any photograph to start a slide show.

and finally The Incredible fourth day of shooting.

The Christian Vows

In Toronto, there are few places as wonderful as Claireport Place Banquet Hall. The proprietors, Jey and Sassi are amazing and see to every detail. Sasi is the quite strong one who sees to the kitchen quality and makes sure your meal is perfect. Jey is the showman and of course, Sajeeka’s dad. This is a man who should have been in Hollywood. He loves all the lighting, music and pageantry of stage and treats your wedding with all that passion. We love shooting there as he makes the whole affair fun and romantic. First of all there is the exterior of the hall where they recently spent over one million dollars to provide you with a fantastic place to do all your garden shots.